Does your child have special interest in playing computer and mobile games

The answer probably an astounding yes, but I am sure you have a bigger concern on how beneficial are those things to your children

What if we can tell you that we have knowledge to share with kids to move from being mere users of the those games and applications to become creator of those

You would probably think that it is far fetched idea. No it is not

It is possible through the power of coding

Yes by learning how to code, it is possible. Fun, elementary and exciting world of coding will be introduced to your children with our products.It not only will tap their coding skills but expand their critical and logic thinking

Wouldn't you want your child to have the edge in this upcoming competitive digital world

Join us for this wonderful edutainment journey to explore the capabilities of programming

Programming Fundamentals

Code Champ (RM54)

Awesome fun and learning tool for kids and grown up to expose themselves to the world of programming code and logic. A wonderful learning platform to boost kids creativity and for parents to participate and witness themselves.

  • Fun & Easy Coding
  • Attractive and Interactive Guide
  • Kids Friendly
  • Anywhere & Anytime
  • Giving your child an edge in the IT world
  • E-Books provided

The Code Champ includes the following items:

  • E-Booklets
  • Online Access to Code Champ program
  • Start up manual and Login credentials provided via email